Everyone is an author & everyone is a remixist (yes, I did just make up that word.) From poetry to research papers to our blog posts, we are all authors in some form or another. At least, this is how I perceive the term. Over this past week, we have read articles concerning authorship & originality. We compared “Capital A” Author & “Lowercase A” author; also, we compared other terms in the same format including: Romance/ romance & Culture/culture.

Silva declares, “[t]he concept of the author is new and recent”(97). When he asserts this, he regards the term new as of the 18th century. I would have to disagree with this declaration. Every work from the beginning of time has a creator. Epic poems and Arthurian Romances did not have an accredited author, yet, someone must have written them down. I think being an author means to compose something, anything at all. And I do not think you have to put your signature on it to be your own. Just like oral tales-they have no known author, however, someone made it up centuries ago.

Reflecting on released texts, I would have to say quite definitely that there is anxiety attached to setting free compositions. Just releasing my coffee-driven, all-nighter essays onto D2L for grading is stressful, I cannot imagine letting go of a novel or an album. I think knowing the original intention is useful at times, however, not knowing gives pieces a mysterious, clean exterior. That way the remixist can add whatever meaning they desire.



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