As a future high school English teacher, I love new and creative ideas. I think remix is a wonderful way of incorporating fun, contemporary activities into the classroom. Instead of overwhelming students with extensive essays and other various writing assignments, I think creative projects with writing components is an effective way to teach writing and critical thinking skills. I think black out poetry, one of my all-time favs, is a fantastic activity to utilize remix into the curriculum. Students can takes existing texts, classic or modern, and form poetry form the words on the page; I am currently remixing The Shining into love poems for my remix of a text. To add pizzazz to this assignment, students can draw pictures and color the pages to add meaning and symbolism.

What I like about remix assignments is that there will always be the need for a works cited, since students are using someone else’s work. The importance of citing sources is underrated; most students do not know how to create a works cited and are unaware of the troubles plagiarism causes. It also teaches students critical thinking skills, like with the black out poetry. Students have to formulate coherent poems from the pages, not just jumbled messes of words with no purpose. The must map and outline their argument/poem and present it intelligently.

The only problems I could see with incorporating remix into the classroom would be students not getting the writing skills they need to succeed; however, I see this as he teacher’s fault, not the students’. The teacher should tack on writing elements to all remix projects in forms of explanation, justification or description. Students should not get a free pass from the essential skill of writing.



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