The next remix I commenced was the remix of an existing text. I have always loved poetry and had recently learned about blackout poetry from Pinterest. It is commonly utilized in the classroom and that interested me because I am a Secondary Education major. The basic concept is to rip a page from a book and choose words from the page to form a poem. The remixist has the option of decorating the page to add more flair and aesthetic appeal. I decided to compose blackout poems from Stephen King’s The Shining. Instead of keeping the horror theme, I altered the mood and created love poems. I divided the poems into three categories: love lost, companionship and admiration, and erotic. I put the poems in an album with a paired explanation beside it. The explanation is just to clarify meaning; I thought this would be a beneficial feature, since poetry often has several interpretations. My project is simply titled, “The Shining in Love Poems.” The purpose of The Shining remix is to eliminate the author’s original intent of terror and replace it with tenderness and passion. I decided to alter King’s purpose of panic to love because I thought happiness was the farthest thing from terror; I thought it would be interesting to see how far I could stray from the frightening tone. My goal actually worked out smoother than I had anticipated. For example, I ripped out a random page toward the back of the novel and it ended up being an attack/ murder scene. I then transformed it into an intense sex scene; it turns out that the phrase, “[s]he lay breathing harshly for a time, unable to move,” has two very distinct meanings (King 589). This remix will be the final project incorporated in my portfolio.

This is the front cover of the album. It is titled, The Shining in Love Poems. 






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